Senior CPM Scheduler- NYC Area

5-7 years scheduling Experience
Must be proficient in P6

Wachter and Associates is always looking for available consultants to help them with their jobs all around the country. Simply send your resume and we’ll contact you if you meet the requirements and if we have work in your area.

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Wachter & Associates to attend PMISCoP 9th Annual Conference
April 26, 2012 by Wachter and Associates

Wachter & Associates will be attending the 9th Annual PMI Scheduling Community of Practice Conference from May 6th to the 9th. We look forward to seeing you there.

W&A Retained for Scheduling of Road Improvements to Hackensack Bridge
October 29, 2011 by Wachter and Associates

Wachter & Associates was recently retained by Conti Enterprises to develop and update P6 schedules for road improvements to the Hackensack Bridge. This work is being performed by Conti Enterprises under contract NJTA T100.137 which includes Bridge Deck Reconstruction, Miscellaneous Structural Repairs, Roadway Improvements, and Repainting of Structural Steel Structure No. E109.83.

W&A will be exhibiting at the 2011 Construction Superconference
October 29, 2011 by Wachter and Associates

Wachter & Associates will be exhibiting at booth #11 at the 2011 Construction SuperConference in San Francisco from December 14 to 17. Come by to see an amazing 3-d show of case studies of our latest projects. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

W&A Retained for Scheduling of Tisch Elevator Tower E & F
June 20, 2011 by Wachter and Associates

Wachter and Associates was recently retained by EE Cruz & Company to provide scheduling services for the NYU Tisch Medical School Elevator Tower E & F.

Causation Presentations: Tell Them, then Show Them (Part 2)
June 20, 2011 by Wachter and Associates

How do schedule and claims consultants effectively show time when presenting their cases? A typical schedule analysis will rely on Time Impact Analysis bar charts that show activities represented by bars spanning months of time. A bar chart can be effective in providing an overall view of a delay, however it does not effectively illustrate the impact of small culminating delays. With the help of applications like Adobe Flash whose framework is built on timelines, consultants can easily develop a model of the project as it’s built without the experience necessary to use 3-D modeling software. Below are some 2-dimensional examples of exhibits built on timelines in Adobe Flash.

Example No. 1: Caisson and Grade Beam Installation Time-lapse
Delay to Caisson Installation due to Obstructions and Interference

This time-lapse illustrated the time between when each caisson was drilled and finally poured with concrete. The contractor encountered numerous issues such as movement of adjacent structures, steel redesign, and obstructions. Caissons would turn green when drilled and as time elapsed, the colors would change based on the number of calendar days passed. Once the caisson was complete, a black dot would appear in the caisson. Caissons that were red, purple and gray took the longest to complete. This color system gave the contractor a sense of where the impacts affected productivity the most.


Example No: 2 Window and Curtain Wall Installation Time-lapse

Delayed Material Deliveries from Window Supplier

The window wall material delivery time-lapse illustrates the haphazard delivery of window wall materials required for window installation. The window installers contract called for windows to be installed on a floor-by-floor basis. The time-lapse of deliveries illustrated that the manufacturer failed to deliver the materials necessary to complete the window installation of a floor-by-floor basis.


Example No. 3: Micropile Drilling Time-lapse

Out-of-Sequence Drill Rig Movements

Micropile drilling time-lapse illustrating the movements of each drill rig, out-of-sequence movements, obstructions, abandoned piles and piles on hold due to RFIs. The contractor on this project anticipated drilling every other pile and did not anticipate the large jumps from pile to pile.


Causation Presentations: Tell Them, then Show Them (Part 1)
August 31, 2010 by Wachter and Associates

Have you ever spent 8 hours in a conference room presenting your case in front of a mediator, arbitrator or judge and notice the other side looking at their smartphones, doodling on their legal pads, or even staring blankly into space. This scene is common because everyone has just sat through 100 page Powerpoint presentations filled with even more bullet points, bar charts illustrating delays with one bar extending beyond the other, and chronologies made from as-builts with over 3,000 cells in an excel spreadsheet. In other words, projects that last years are condensed into an 8 hour presentation and yet somehow, everyone is supposed to digest the information and recreate the project, with all of its impacts in their own minds.

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Procurement in CPM Scheduling
August 26, 2010 by Wachter and Associates

Every construction project requires submittals, materials, and equipment.  So why do so many Contractors omit procurement activities from their construction schedules?  Often, Contractors rely on either Excel spreadsheets or Primavera’s Expedition to track the status of submittals, number of days for Engineer review, and the delivery of materials and equipment.  While Primavera’s Expedition is good for tracking multiple submittal revisions, it fails to illustrate the impact of these submittals on construction projects.  Sometimes Contractors include the submittals in their schedules but often leave the activity open while the submittal is going through multiple revisions, or they actualize the completion of the submittal after the initial submittal is returned.

Updating and adding activities for multiple submittal revisions might seem time consuming, but can be very beneficial in determining the source of delays or projecting the last possible date the submittal should be completed.  Inputting submittal, approval and fabrication/delivery activities for projects that require specialty equipment with long lead times, like pump stations, can be beneficial to both the Contractor and the Owner in determining the criticality of a particular item.  This can help the Contractor in obtaining quicker responses to submittals that are critical in the construction schedule.

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Wachter and Associates launches new website
May 21, 2010 by Wachter and Associates

Wachter and Associates launches new website and expands service offering to include Project Advisory Services focusing on CPM Schedule development and updates, along with on-site Project Monitoring and Oversight services.

Founded by Walter A. Wachter, P.E. in 1985, Wachter & Associates is proud to offer superior construction advisory services that mitigate risk, boost profitability and maximize efficiencies. Our construction claims and project advisory services assist leading organizations in the commercial, municipal, environmental, energy, government, educational, and transportation fields.